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Forged fences - forged products

Many people find iron a cold and expressionless material.

Here, with the help of fire, an anvil and various hammers, we breathe warmth and soul into iron by transforming it.

We are a company with three employees. We have been creating since 1989.
- Bruno Kalčič

Quality steel

We forge all the components for our products ourselves and assemble them in a blacksmith shop.


Based on our own ideas, and sometimes with the help of architects and designers, we have already realized many challenging projects.

Dream team

We are a company with three employees. We have been creating since 1989.

Finished products

You can see many exhibits at Blejska Dobrava 123, 4273 Blejska Dobrava - Slovenia

We are forging...

In our offer you will find everything from outdoor garden fences and gates, signs and advertising boards to grave crosses and monuments.
Kovana okenska mreža
Forged garden doors and railings
Kovana okenska mreža
Forged pavilions
Kovana okenska mreža
Forged balcony railings
Kovana okenska mreža
Forged window grids
Kovana okenska mreža
Forged stair railings
Kovana okenska mreža
Forged canopy

Our products

Forged exterior equipment

In the offer you will find forged garden gates and fences, stair railings, balcony railings, window screens, forged pavilions, tombstones and crosses, signboards and advertising boards, mailboxes and house numbers, outdoor lights, forged canopies…

Forged interior equipment

In the offer of interior design, you will find forged tables, beds, curtain rods, lamps, mirrors, fireplace sets, sculptures, equipment for shops and restaurants…


The dream team

We strive for the best, we want to be the best and we are sure that we are also among the best. Visit us on weekdays between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m., we will be happy to show you how we know how to work with iron.

Bruno Kalčič

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Bruno Kalčič, born in 1967 in a city that people say is the hometown of steel.

Gregor Mandeljc

Finished school for tourism, blacksmith, among others his hobby is forging sculptures.

Dušan Kalčič

Finished school for locksmith, blacksmith, in charge for good atmosphere in the workshop.



Umetno Kovaštvo Bruno Kalčič S.P.